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QuiNina J. Sinceno

"you are your greatest investment"

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Collateral Damage - Intro and Elephant in the Room

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Upcoming Events

  • Intensive Masterclass
    Intensive Masterclass
    Fri, Sep 22
    New Orleans, LA. Lodging & Meals Included
    Sep 22, 4:00 PM CDT – Sep 23, 10:00 PM CDT
    New Orleans, LA. Lodging & Meals Included
    Doing Business as the Kingdom. This Intensive Masterclass is for Entrepreneurs and Organization Leaders who want to break past their current barriers to growth and into an overflow of increase.
  • Jobseekers' Workshop
    Jobseekers' Workshop
    Thu, Aug 24
    Zoom Webinar
    Aug 24, 7:00 PM CDT – Aug 25, 10:00 PM CDT
    Zoom Webinar
    Would a better job help? Knowing how to market yourself is one of the keys to obtaining employment that is substantial. Presentation, articulation, and preparation are tools that this workshop provides to assist you in building a better life.