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Life of JOY: Transformed Living is a compelling work of literature written by QuiNina J. Sinceno. It inspires as well as empowers its readers to conquer any negative situation internally by viewing it from a perspective of victory. She uses pieces of her personal life stories to teach readers the lessons learned from crises that we may encounter. Realizing that we all face challenges but the way in which we handle the challenge is what determines our outcome is QuiNina’s catalyst in transforming one reader at a time. By paralleling the process of germination in growing a tree to developing your joy she uses such simplicity to make the most profound statements relevant to everyday life. Life of JOY transforms your thinking from doubt to faith and from defeat to victory by giving you the tools to protect and reproduce the effects of a successful mentality and strong spirituality. By the end of this book, you will not only have the strength to endure with grace but also distribute wisdom for the grace of living a Life of JOY to others.

Life of JOY: The Key to Transformed Living

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