Many times we associate joy with a feeling or an emotion that is pleasant or delightful as a result of an
event that has taken place. We typically deem joy to be something internal that comes and goes. But
we've mistaken joy for happiness. The Joy of the Lord is a substance produced by your faith. It is your
strength. It is an everlasting assurance that all things work together for good because you love God and
are called according to His purpose. It is a peace that produces the power to relieve all stress, anger,
pain, and anxiety. Therefore, living a life of JOY metaphorically means living a life of Strength, because if
we can possess the Joy of the Lord, we then possess the God kind of strength that gives us the grace to
endure anything victoriously.

Life of JOY is a compelling work of literature written by QuiNina J. Sinceno, a native of the metropolitan
area of New Orleans, LA. It inspires, as well as empowers its readers to conquer any negative situation
internally by viewing it from a different perspective. A perspective of victory that is available to all
through having a heart of Joy. She uses snapshots of her personal life stories, traumas, and challenges
with overcoming the effects of muscular dystrophy to teach readers how to extract the Joy of the Lord
from every crisis and seemingly impossible situation. Life of JOY expresses the realization that we all
face challenges. But the way in which we handle those challenges makes the difference is QuiNina’s
catalyst in transforming one reader at a time. She does so by paralleling the process of germination in
growing a tree with developing your joy in such simplicity to make the most profound statements
relevant to everyday life. Life of JOY transforms your thinking from hopelessness to faith and from
despair to victory by giving you the keys to protect and reproduce the joys of a successful mentality and
strong spirituality. By the end of this book, you will not only have the strength to endure with grace but
will also have the tools to distribute wisdom for the grace of living a Life of JOY to others. May your JOY
be full because the JOY of the Lord is your Strength.

Life of JOY: The Key to Transformed Living

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