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The PRAYER101 bundle makes a perfect gift. It includes a randomly selected book swag item such as a bookmark, keychain, anointing oil, or pen. All bundles are autographed. 


Let’s get in-to-it…
Throughout the existence of mankind, we have always had a proclivity and innate awareness of a need to connect to unseen deities through prayer. No matter the deity of choice somehow we as humans have an instinct that tells us we must have a form of communication to our perception of the divine. Every form of worship has a form of prayer for every deity that each religion believes in as their god. As Christians, believers of the Holy Bible, we believe prayer is our primary connection to our God. According to our declaration of faith, every believer in God is to have what we call a “prayer life,” meaning prayer should be an intricate part of our daily living. As a matter of fact, scripture tells us to pray without ceasing.


As you read expect to receive instructions, experience illumination of the scriptures, and a new revelation and fire for prayer through the teachings of Jesus Christ when he took a moment to mentor His disciples on how to pray. What better way to guarantee your prayer than to pray according to the guidelines given by the Son of God, the one whom you pray in the name of. I strongly believe when one does not have an expressed joy in praying it is primarily because they have not seen the success in it. I doubt anyone would stop praying if their prayers are noticeably answered. It is only logical to think that if prayer is working and producing results in my life I would dare not walk away from it. To a believer prayer is our strengthening agent, it is the secret place we go to be encouraged, recharged, commune, and receive instructions from Our Heavenly Father. Prayer to a Christian is like the phone booth to Clark Kent as he transformed into Superman to fight off all evil that threatened those he loved. 


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PRAYER101: the secret place

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  • PRAYER101: the secret place

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    • Language: English
    • ISBN-13: 9781087958132
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