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Let us pray,
Father I thank you for the person reading this book. As we prepare to embark upon this journey of discovering the purpose of prayer, reveal unto us the power of prayer, shift us into a continuous posture of prayer, and transform our hearts for prayer. We believe that prayer is a privilege granted to us to embrace Your presence, to speak to You, and hear from Holy Spirit. Open the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened by the illumination of Your word concerning prayer through every word penned that will follow. In Jesus Name Amen


Let’s get in-to-it…
Throughout the existence of mankind, we have always had a proclivity and innate awareness of a need to connect to unseen deities through prayer. No matter the deity of choice somehow we as humans have an instinct that tells us we must have a form of communication to our perception of the divine. Every form of worship has a form of prayer for every deity that each religion believes in as their god. As Christians, believers of the Holy Bible, we believe prayer is our primary connection to our God. According to our declaration of faith, every believer in God is to have what we call a “prayer life,” meaning prayer should be an intricate part of our daily living. As a matter of fact, scripture tells us to pray without ceasing.


Unfortunately, as a whole, somehow as generations went by we have drifted further and further away from prayer as a lifestyle and state of mind. But I believe a new day is dawning. Not only are we on the verge of a great wave of prayer but we are also on the cusps of what I’m seeing is the greatest harvest of new believers to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior known to mankind with miracles, healings, signs, wonders, and manifestations of glory attached to an uncommon release of wealth. And prayer is going to get us there. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Can you see it? Wow, that would be amazing wouldn’t it? It’s definitely possible. It is my prayer that this book Prayer 101 strikes your spirit in such a way that it lights the match in you for such a great move of God.


As you read expect to receive instructions, experience illumination of the scriptures, and a new revelation and fire for prayer through the teachings of Jesus Christ when he took a moment to mentor His disciples on how to pray. What better way to guarantee your prayer than to pray according to the guidelines given by the Son of God, the one whom you pray in the name of. I strongly believe when one does not have an expressed joy in praying it is primarily because they have not seen the success in it. I doubt anyone would stop praying if their prayers are noticeably answered. It is only logical to think that if prayer is working and producing results in my life I would dare not walk away from it. To a believer prayer is our strengthening agent, it is the secret place we go to be encouraged, recharged, commune, and receive instructions from Our Heavenly Father. Prayer to a Christian is like the phone booth to Clark Kent as he transformed into Superman to fight off all evil that threatened those he loved. 


Just in case you are not into superheroes let me explain and if you are-just humor me for a moment if you will with the cliff note version. The main character of Superman, the movie, Clark Kent, whose birth name was Kal-El was born on Krypton to Jor-El and Lara. He ended up with earthly parents after having to leave his planet Krypton and later discovered he had special abilities. He was raised by his earthly parents with values and morals and often had to hide his true identity. Later he discovered his full strength but his identity still could not be exposed to the world so outwardly he would wear unassuming attire so that to the earthly eye he would appear to be humble, lowly, meek, and even weak. Posing in the disguise of a journalist he could easily be unnoticed but when trouble would arise he would quickly steal away to a secret place (oftentimes a phone booth, in the older days) and return as a man of unmatched strength. 

Prayer does the same for the believer! When we steal away to the place of prayer that physical place is instantly transformed into our phone booth, our bat cave, our command center. Today that secret place can be a car, an office, bathroom, or even a mental place and not so much a physical location. I’ll explain that later, but the point is tremendous power is made available through the effectual and fervent prayers of the righteous through faith. And it’s all available for you to participate in at any time for any reason. There are even those of us who live in a place/state of prayer ready to go before the Father on another’s behalf at any given moment.    


So what exactly is this praying thing that I am talking about you may say. Well prayer, for the believer, is communicating with God. Just as communication is a two-way exchange so should prayer be. Many times when people pray they tend to have a proclivity to turn prayer into a one-sided dialogue where one tells God all about their sorrows and concerns. Let’s be honest, one-sided conversations are a drag because they can become quite boring and stale. Being in a conversation that you never get to contribute to often leaves you quite turned off by both the conversation as well as the individual doing all the speaking. The most frustrating part is when you know you possess the answer and can provide a valid potential contribution to add to the conversation that could be of great value if only given a chance to speak. Am I right or am I right? 


It is not only unfair but also delusional to believe a conversation has taken place if there was no exchange between two or more subjects. Thus, to think that when praying only telling your side of the story of your life is not only a delusional prayer but also ineffective and an incorrect one at best. This is why I believe so many have become so withdrawn from prayer. Because there seemingly have been no answers to their prayers, but the truth very well may just be that they have yet to take the time to receive the answers for their petitions. Prayer is not just an outlet but it is also an input. Yes we literally lay-out before God ourselves, our concerns, and the desires of our hearts but we are also to allow God to input into us the wisdom, revelation, and instructions of His will concerning those very things we have lain out before Him. That’s the conversation worth having. You speak to God and He speaks to you. 


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