Est. 2014

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GDI Publishing

We are a faith-based and inspirational publishing company that provides services to authors who have a desire to avail books of excellence to the public that inspire or educate based on or related to Christian values or moral beliefs.  We provide quality print books and ebooks with global book distribution and free resources to help you self-publish successfully, you’ve come to the right place! Once you write and format your book (which we also help you do), we make it possible to share it with the world.


It is our desire that all of our published books to be successful therefore books are submitted for acceptance based on their content, biblical accuracy (if applicable), probability of resale, marketability, and overall literary articulation, writing skill, and style. Before accepting any book we answer the following questions: Is this book marketable? Is it interesting? Would the targeted audience enjoy this book? Is it priced correctly? Does it have the potential for longevity? Does it promote a positive or inspiring message that is not offensive to the Christian faith? If scriptures are used are they interpreted and explained accurately?