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       Publishing Consulting Firm

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"Dedicated to positioning authors for success. Your trusted partners and advisors for navigating the complex landscape of the publishing industry."

Visit the Author's Lab for coaching and webinars.

Author Perks!


Expose your book to up to 40,000 booksellers, retailers, and online stores all over the world.


Receive monthly updates on opportunities and tips as an author.


Access to a virtual coaching session after publishing. 




Royalty Rates

Receive 75% royalty after printing fees.



How My We Be of Service...

  • Basic Publishing

    Rapid Package
    Valid for 3 months
  • Most Popular

    Premium Publishing

    The Elite Package (up to 500 pages)
    Valid for 6 months
  • Consultation

    Just wrote a book and don't know where to start?
    Valid for one week
  • Book Coaching

    Every month
    We help you put it all together.
    Valid for 6 months
  • Website Design

    Informational site quotes also available
    Valid for one year
  • Marketing Package

    Valid for 3 months
  • Website Maintenance

    Every month
    Includes 5 hours of working time.
  • Event Photography

    Capture The Experience
    Valid for one month
  • EBook Creation

    Make your eBook interactive.
    Valid for 3 months
  • Author's Lab

    Every month
    Secrets of the trade: marketing, writing tips , and more.

Copy Editing

Pricing for editing ranges from $0.03 - 0.07 per word depending on the genre. For a quote please email us at

Content Editing

Pricing is $0.06 per word. 

Note, content editing shapes the manuscript's content and structure, while copy editing polishes the language and technical aspects of writing. Both stages are crucial for preparing the manuscript for publication, working together to elevate its overall quality and appeal to readers.


What services do you provide?

Access to global distribution, manuscript design, copy editing, ebook formatting/creation, copyright, book cover design, coaching after publishing, and physical tools for advertising.

How long does publishing take?

There are quite a few factors and sometimes special circumstances that impact the timeframe for publishing, however, we set our goal to be ninety days to under six months. 

How much does publishing cost? 
Pricing for full-service publishing starts at $1500. We also offer customized quotes and payment plans. Click here for more information.


What types of books do you accept for publishing?

It is our desire that all of our published books be successful therefore books are submitted for acceptance based on their content, biblical accuracy (if applicable), probability of resale, marketability, and overall literary articulation, writing skill, and style. We accept all books that are inspirational, educational, and entertaining that do not offend any other race, religion, or ethnicity. 


Before accepting any book we answer the following questions: Is this book marketable? Is it interesting? Would the targeted audience enjoy this book? Is it priced correctly? Does it have the potential for longevity? Does it promote a positive or inspiring message that is not offensive to the Christian faith? If scriptures are used are they interpreted and explained accurately?

How much royalty will I receive? 

After printing/transmission and fees authors receive 70%.


Will I keep the rights to my book?


Would you like us to contact you about your book?

We'll be in touch.

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